Vampire Academy Series – Richelle Mead Vampire Academy Last Sacrifice Book 6 Review

vampire-academy-last-sacrifice-5 With Last Sacrifice being the last (official) book of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy Series (book 6), a lot of questions get answered, but leave it to Richelle to end the book with more questions being asked. What a great way of keeping the Vampire Academy story alive!

Despite this book completing the Vampire Academy series, Richelle is currently working on a spin-off series of these books entitled Bloodlines, which focuses more on the side character’s stories than Rose, Lissa and Dimitri.

Last Sacrifice picks up right where Spirit Bound (book 5) leaves us- with Rose locked up because of her being accused of murder. When Rose’s lawyer (who also happens to be her father) Abe, comes to deliver some bad news, Rose’s trial gets bumped up from her possibly being convicted in a couple months, to being two weeks away!

Vampire Academy Series “Last Sacrifice” Book 6 by Richelle Mead

With all of Rose’s closest friends working as fast as they can to help uncover the truth, Rose needs to make sure that the task assigned to her, by the now dead queen – Tatiana, is a legitimate request. After conjuring up Tatiana’s ghost and verifying the note, which was passed to Rose through Ambrose, Rose returned to Lissa’s mind to see what was happening in the world outside her holding cell.

With Queen Tatiana’s funeral arrangements having already been made, Lissa decided she would take part in the funeral taking her family’s position walking alongside the casket, along with a member of the other 11 royal families. When Rose finally fell asleep, she was abruptly awoken when she realized she couldn’t feel/sense the bond that allowed her to slip into Lissa’s head.

When morning finally came, Rose felt the bond connection had returned and she had full access to Lissa’s thoughts and feelings; it was also time for everyone to get into place for the funeral of Queen Tatiana. As the funeral began, Rose noticed that Lissa had been hiding thoughts and feelings from the bond, as nervousness fell through the cracks and Rose noticed that something wasn’t quite 100% with Lissa. Nothing was making any sense to Rose as Lissa walked alongside Tatiana’s coffin, and they were arriving at the cathedral. You can imagine everyone’s surprise when the statues that were in front of the cathedral had exploded-literally!

With all the confusion taking place at the cathedral, Rose herself was in shock when she saw Eddie, Mikhail, Adrian and Dimitri all in front of her, breaking her out. When Abe strategically exploded a wall to create an exit for Rose and Dimitri to escape the Royal Court as easily as possible, it was time for Rose to get to the bottom of Tatiana’s secret note.

Of course, it’s easier said than done when it comes to Rose; instead of staying in a hotel with alchemist-friend Sydney and Dimitri in West Virginia (like Abe told them to), Rose made a change of everyone’s plans and set out to find Lissa’s mysterious half-sibling. As Sydney starts digging around Lissa’s father’s (Eric) bank information, they find that he had been giving money to a mysterious Jane Doe.

With Sydney trying to figure out who this person is, Rose gets a surprise dream-walk visit from Viktor Dashkov and his brother Robert. When Rose relays theinformation to them about finding Lissa’s half-sibling, Viktor knows they need more time. He comes up with a plan to bide Rose more time, by telling Rose that Lissa needs to take part in the process of becoming the new queen.

After Viktor and Robert leave Rose’s dreams, she gets a new guest-her boyfriend Adrian who dream-walks to talk to Rose as well. Since Rose isn’t at court to make the plans happen with Lissa, Rose tells Adrian what needs to happen to get Rose more time finding Lissa’s half-sibling, and clearing her name from Tatiana’s murder. While the Queen and King nominations take place, and Lissa gets nominated (and accepts) for queen, she must take part in 3 tests. Each test is designed to determine the best candidates for King/Queen- eliminating those who can’t handle what it takes to do such a difficult thing.

While those tests take place, Sydney discovers that Eric Dragomir had been sending money to none other than Sonya Karp-a Strigoi who was one of Rose’s old teachers before she took off with Lissa. Once Rose, Dimitri and Sydney got the information they needed to locate Sonya, Viktor and Robert arrived to help capture her, and used a spirit-induced stake to return Sonya to her Moroi self. Despite her confusion, and hurt over the things that transpired, Rose needed to continue with locating Lissa’s half-sibling, and had to (basically) interrogate Sonya to find out what information she knew.

Although Sonya wouldn’t quite tell Rose everything, she did hop in the car with them and show her where she needed to be to find Lissa’s half-sibling. The news to the Mastrano family was a shock, since Mrs. Emily Mastrano had to make a confession. When it was finally decided that Lissa’s half-sister would go to the Royal Court and announce her heritage to everyone, things didn’t end up very well, since Guardians had been called, and Viktor left with Lissa’s half-sister Jill.

It wasn’t hard to find Viktor with Sonya continuously dream-walking to locate where the brothers and Jill were at. In a short amount of time Dimitri, Rose, Sydney and Sonya had all gone to Viktor’s hotel to ambush him and Robert to get Jill away from them. Things hadn’t quite gone as planned, when Viktor kept pushing Rose’s buttons, and Viktor ended up on the floor lifeless. With Viktor’s sudden death invading Rose’s thoughts, it takes a spirit-charmed locket to keep Rose sane. Luckily, they were able to get Jill away and started heading back to the Royal Court, while Rose started piecing together who REALLY murdered the Queen.

vampire-academy-books-series-boxed-set-by-richelle-mead-150x150-1 With Rose seeing that Lissa had passed the 3rd and final test, Rose needed to go see Sydney and the other Alchemists which were being held at court (Sydney got captured by the Guardians who raided the Mastrano house). Rose assuming she had all the information she needed, all evidence pointed to Daniella Ivashkov, Adrian’s mother, being the Queen’s killer. The information Rose received from the Alchemists wasn’t what she had expected at all.

The description of the last person seen in Queen Tatiana’s room the night she was murdered wasn’t Daniella Ivashkov at all! Rose knew who it was, and all though she didn’t quite know the reasoning for being framed by this person, she headed over to where the Council was to announce Lissa had a sibling (which would allow Lissa to rule as Queen), and to announce who Tatiana’s killer really, truly, was…

Richelle Mead didn’t fail to bring more suspense and action to Last Sacrifice, her final book of the Vampire Academy Series. Tatiana’s killer definitely wasn’t who I thought it was going to be, but the reasoning for it makes sense. After finally being told who framed Rose, Richelle did a nice flashback kind of thing to remind everyone of what happened in a previous book, to explain the reasoning for the murder.

Vampire Academy Book Series 1-6 by Richelle Mead

Although I’m saddened that the Vampire Academy series of books is officially done, I’m quite excited to read the Bloodlines spin-off book series (release date August 23, 2011) to see what happens to the other characters, and to see how some unanswered questions finally get settled. If you’ve procrastinated on buying all of the Vampire Academy books in the series, then wait no more and buy the Vampire Academy box set of books 1-4 to get started, and you won’t be disappointed in Richelle Mead’s spectacular series of books.

The rights to make the Vampire Academy series into movies has already been sold! Be sure to follow the “Official Vampire Academy Movie” on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on decisions about the movie(s), as well as being able to put in your opinion on what should/shouldn’t be done with the movies to preserve the books we all love so much!

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