Vampire Academy Series- Richelle Mead Vampire Academy Spirit Bound Book 5 Review

Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series book 5 Spirit Bound starts a few weeks after book 4 Blood Promise ends. With Rose thinking that she had succeeded in killing Dimitri, she was quite shocked when, after

vampire-academy-spirit-bound-by-richelle-mead Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series book 5 Spirit Bound starts a few weeks after book 4 Blood Promise ends. With Rose thinking that she had succeeded in killing Dimitri, she was quite shocked when, after re-enrolling herself back in St. Vladimir’s, she was getting weekly letters from Dimitri. Rose had to put those thoughts of Dimitri, coming to hunt and kill her, away because now it was time for her final exam-the exam that would allow her to graduate to a full Guardian!

Success came quickly for Rose, despite the Guardians needing to craft a special exam specifically for Rose, given she already had real field experience. After everyone had finished their tests, it was time to get the “Promised Guardian” symbol tattooed on their backs, to show they were full Guardians. The graduation ceremony came and went, and once everyone was finished they all headed over to the Royal Court to have the new Guardians be picked by the Royal Moroi who graduated school as well and now needed their own Guardians. Rose, of course, had her own plans-to break Viktor Dashkov out of Tarasov Prison to locate his brother Robert, who was another spirit user, who had the Spirit power to restore Strigoi to their old Moroi/Dhampir selves!

Vampire Academy Spirit Bound Book 5 by Richelle Mead

Despite Lissa not quite liking/approving of Rose’s plan, she didn’t want to lose Rose again, and decided to accompany Rose and help her break Viktor out of prison. With the help of Guardian Mikhail, and the girls’ friend Eddy, they had succeeded in breaking Viktor out of prison. Their only problem now is making Viktor tell Rose and Lissa where his brother, Robert Duru, is. Once he decides, Viktor tells them they need to head to Las Vegas to see Robert. Spotting Robert in the Casino, he had arranged to meet everyone in, wasn’t difficult since Lissa was able to pick up his Spirit magic. The meeting didn’t quite go as planned since Dimitri had arrived to finally act on his threats to kill Rose.

Not killing Dimitri was a difficult task for Rose, since she was risking everything to try to save him. The consequences back at Court, for taking off, weren’t what Rose was expecting; she isn’t in school anymore and her actions have very real consequences. With Rose being on punishment and not allowed to go anywhere, Lissa has full opportunity to learn how to wield a stake and therefore being able to return Dimitri to his Dhampir self!

Things of course don’t go quite as planned. Lissa is off with Christian and Lissa’s new guardians, Serena and Grant, checking out Lissa’s college. After dinner, things became a blur since Lissa and Christian were being flanked by numerous Strigoi; one of whom was Dimitri. As a way of baiting Rose to him, Dimitri kept Lissa and Christian alive knowing that once Lissa is in danger, Rose will head straight for her. Rose did exactly that; headed straight for Lissa with a group of Guardians, with 2 missions in mind: rescuing Lissa and Christian, and killing Dimitri.

Once Rose and Dimitri finally came face-to-face, they danced back and forth, battling, waiting for the other to slip up so they could have their opportunity to strike. Rose’s opportunity came-and went because she had been shoved aside by Lissa and Christian. Lissa was hell-bent on saving Dimitri, so she had her Spirit-infused stake pierce Dimitri’s heart, while Christian formed a fire-circle- keeping everyone away from them and Dimitri while Lissa works her magic. Using all the strength she had, a bright light had shone once the stake had reached Dimitri’s heart. The impossible now became VERY possible with Lissa’s success!

Word spread quickly of what had transpired with Lissa and Dimitri, although everyone no one really believed what they heard/saw. Despite protests by both Rose and Lissa, that Dimitri was no longer Strigoi, he was being held in a cell at the Royal court. Everyone needed to be 100% certain he wouldn’t go off on a tangent and start killing again, so they ran numerous tests on him which seemed to be endless!

Although Rose assumed that once Dimitri was returned to being a Dhampir that he would want to see her, she was last person on Earth he wanted to see because of guilt and shame of all the horrible things he had done to her while being Strigoi. Rose started developing a small resentment towards Lissa, for being the only one allowed to see Dimitri, and for being the only one he asked and wanted to see at all. As a way of making herself feel better, she ran to Adrian for comfort.

When Dimitri was finally released, despite being heavily watched, Rose finally sought her opportunity to make Dimitri see that he was still in love with her. Things didn’t quite happen that way, as Rose departed from Dimitri as saddened and depressed as ever. As days went by and Rose and Dimitri were starting to talk a little more, and Rose was (kind of) content with being just friends with Dimitri, Dimitri’s love for Rose never left as a horde of Guardians approached Rose looking ready for a fight, and ready to attack. Out of pure instinct, Dimitri leapt in front of Rose and started battling with the oncoming Guardians, putting injury on his reputation that he was a fully restored Dhampir, once again.

The assault by the Guardians didn’t come from nothing, of course. As Rose was arrested and was being charged with treason, it wasn’t until she was face-to-face with her father Abe that word had reached Rose that Queen Tatiana had been brutally murdered, and Rose’s stake (which had gone missing) was in the room with Queen Tatiana’s body, covered in her blood. Who could/would have framed Rose for killing Queen Tatiana, and why?

Fingers are being pointed in several directions, but there’s only one way to find out who the murderer is, and why they framed Rose for it: you have to read the last and final book (book 6) of the Vampire Academy Series, Last Sacrifice, to find out!

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