What I Did On My Summer Staycation. No Fails Here!!

what-i-did-on-my-summer-staycation-1-2When Summer Staycation time rolls around each July, it means that Lin is on Staycation and everything here at Telling It Like It Is is put on hold. The term “Staycation” is defined in the Urban Dictionary as meaning “a vacation that is spent at or close to one’s home enjoying all that home and one’s home environs have to offer”, and with rising gas prices, baggage fees when flying, rising costs of flying etc, taking a Staycation this summer was the best thing we could have done.

So, do you want to know what I did on my Summer Staycation?

It’s very helpful that my husband is able to choose his own staycation/vacation time according to my work schedule, so when Lin is on Staycation, we are able to plan in advance some fun things to do as a couple.

1999-chevy-corvette-c5-convertible-thumbnail-1-2You may recall my mentioning before that I’ve been shopping for a sports car, so the first order of business of being on Staycation was to finalize the deal and drive away with my shiny, red convertible Corvette!

It’s kind of funny since a corvette wasn’t even on my list of sports cars I was looking at, but after test driving it and finding that my husband could actually fit into it as well as drive it being 6’9” in height, we knew the vette was a keeper.

We also spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the community pool relaxing and trying without success to get a tan, since swimming and tanning is a typical summer staycation/vacation activity for most people, but I’ll just have to accept the fact that burning and peeling is about all I can muster.

We also went to the movie theater and saw Will Smith’s movie “Hancock”, which was just okay in our opinion. Special effects are fine in movies, and we both really enjoy Will Smith’s other movies, but Hancock is not one of the movies we would go and see a second or third time. Sorry Will, but Hancock was sort of a Staycation downer.

lake-texoma-1-2Another fun thing we did while on Staycation was go cruising in the vette, with the top down of course, spending some time hanging out at beautiful Lake Texoma, which is an 89,000 acre lake on the Red River and is shared by Texas and Oklahoma.

Lake Texoma is widely recognized as a top fishing lake (my husband agrees), and is one of the most popular recreation destinations in the Southwest for summer fun and relaxation. Maybe next summer we’ll actually rent one of the cabins on Lake Texoma, since many cabins are located in scenic and secluded areas surrounding the lake, allowing for quiet relaxation.

The “icing on the cake” of our Staycation was when we saw Martina McBride in concert at Dallas’ own Superpages.com Center. I don’t understand why the “powers that be” changed the name from Starplex to such an idiotic sounding name, but seeing Martina McBride in concert was one of the best and most fun things my husband and I did on my/our summer staycation.

I’ve also discovered that I can earn money online, even while on Staycation in the privacy of my own home, doing online surveys with CashCrate.com amongst other money making ventures.

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I’ve also been having fun playing with ClipArt that I’ve begun using within some of my most recent articles, and with the variety of images, fonts, sounds, photographs, web graphics and animations offered, I now have a much larger selection of images to use for coming articles. While there are many sites, including Flickr.com, to find images to use within articles, I’ve been finding that the ClipArt site has many images that work very well for the articles I write.

I even managed to spend some time on Twitter, periodically chatting throughout my staycation with those I follow on Twitter. Well, staycation time is over and it’s time to get back to work and bringing you more informative and interesting articles to ponder, but at least you now know what I did on my summer staycation and we had a great time!

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