What The Clothes You Wear Are Saying To Men

1213dudeincloset-thumbnail-3Men and teenage boys, what do your clothes say about you? The article What Your Clothes Say About You: You Are What You Wear discussed what the clothes women wear says about teenage girls and women, but there is a need to discuss mens clothes and the clothing styles men and boys choose to wear and how society in general views you as a person by what you wear and how you groom yourself.

Just like with women and girls, society does judge you by the clothes you wear. Good or bad first impressions are immediately made about you based solely on the clothes you wear and your personal grooming habits, providing important information about you as a person and your attitude toward yourself and your relationships with others; the importance you place on your work or employment; your approximate education level; your income or social status; your level of self-esteem and morals.

Regardless of the fashion trends you personally find appealing, fashionable and appropriate for your age and personality, clothes do say a lot about you! Ask yourself, “what does my clothing, hairstyle and grooming habits say to those around me? What message am I sending to others I come in contact with? Do my clothes and grooming reveal an attitude of indifference or a sense of responsibility, respect or of disrespect, of carelessness (sloppy dressers are often viewed as a careless person) or of dependability, of honesty or of dishonesty?”

Carefully consider the pictures below of men and teenage boys wearing various clothing styles and ask yourself, Who would be judged the most rebellious? Who doesn’t care about his appearance? Who is the most educated or wealthiest? Who would you not want your daughter or sister to bring home to introduce as her new boyfriend? Who presents themselves as trustworthy, respectable, responsible and hardworking? Who is more likely to be taken seriously and hired by a company looking for a qualified, respectable, trustworthy, likeable person to represent their company with customers? Who is the attention seeker?

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emo-thumbnail-3 fashion-statement-thumbnail-3 , Telling It Like It Is polo-shirt-thumbnail-3
preppy-thumbnail-3 saggy-pants-thumbnail-3 sloppy-dressers-thumbnail-3 sp10-thumbnail-3

What is it about each person that gives you an immediate impression of who they are and what they’re about, since you’ve never met any of them? Just because you have the freedom to choose the clothes you wear doesn’t take away from the fact that what you wear announces loud and clear what your attitude is about yourself and others around you, what is on your mind and whether you have honorable intentions or not. What you wear and how you groom yourself is a mirror-like reflection of who you are as a person inside, otherwise you wouldn’t wear the clothes and hairstyles you choose to wear. What do YOUR clothes and grooming say about you as a person?

You’re likely familiar with societal labels placed on men and women because of the clothes they wear. Some labels include terms like: trendy, emo, gangster, skank, preppy, ghetto, hip-hop, goth, urban, skater and many more. Take a moment to watch this brief and interesting video interview of young men and women talking about clothes men and women wear and how others view them because of their choice of attire and see if you agree or disagree, or at least understand why they feel the way they do.

The point is that your clothes and grooming habits are critical. Your wardrobe sends a clear message to others, that may well determine your chances of being hired for a job, especially when applying in person. Your clothes can change the personal and professional attention you receive, the kind of people you attract as friends, and even the kind of dates you attract. Whatever bait you use determines the type of fish you’ll catch.

If you are meeting a potential date or the family of your significant other, the clothes you wear and how you groom yourself may very well determine if you will be invited back even before you have a chance to speak. Consciously choose clothing, hairstyles and grooming that shows your true personality and authentic self, without having to say a single word.

Remember, you want your clothes to portray you in the most positive light possible, so select appropriate attire with your personal and professional goals in mind. Dressing for the job you want, not the job you have is critical when seeking to dress to impress a potential employer during a job interview.

Your attire should be noticed as being appropriate and well fitting, but it should not take center stage. Be aware that in some industries, customer contact and image presented to the customer is critical. In such industries, your attire will be judged more critically.

Wear appropriate mens clothing that best shows your interests, personality, and individuality instead of wearing clothing that may promote unnecessary and misleading perceptions about who you really are. Don’t simply focus on current fashion trends and styles of the moment, but shop at stores that project the true image you want to send to those you come in contact with.

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