When is the right time to allow your teen to drive?

teen-driver-150x150-1 Driving a car is truly a major area in anybody’s life. You can go anywhere anytime in the convenience of your vehicle.

When the time comes, a teen may think of wanting to drive, and as we all know, driving a car is not the same as driving a toy car and it encompasses a lot of skill and discipline.

Driving poses some risks too so it is very vital that a teen meets certain criteria before he or she can drive. So let us tackle 10 points that should be met by a teen if he or she is to be allowed to drive.

10 Signs that your Teen’s ready to hit the road

1. He is responsible with his studies

A teen is of course still a student and has the responsibility of focusing on his or her studies. If a teen is to drive, he or she should make sure that school life will not be compromised. Once a teen shows that he is responsible enough, hopefully that sense of responsibility may be reflected once he or she is beginning to drive as driving calls for extreme sense of responsibility. Studies should be a number one priority over driving so if a teen can commit to putting that first; it is a good start for allowing your teen to drive.

2. He follows house rules

Dangers will be minimized in a driver if he or she will come home early. It is a fact that crimes or accidents will be more rampant in the dark so if your teen will follow house rules like going home early or by 9:00 p.m., then it is a good sign. A bonus is if your child will follow all the other house rules too! You can negotiate with your child that if he or she follows house rules, he or she will then be allowed to drive. That is a good way to make him or her a good individual in society too.

3. He can clean the car by himself

A car’s condition reflects its owner. If you will allow your teen to drive, make sure that he is responsible enough to clean the car. Cleanliness is really next to Godliness, so let your child exercise that saying and for him or her to reflect a clean image of your family!

4. He can change a flat tire

A car’s major issues may include a flat tire. Tires are literally in contact with the hard road you are driving on and may encounter certain flats once they reach their wearing points. So beforehand, teach your child all the things required for changing a flat tire. Make sure the vehicle has spare tires and a jack, and run lessons and practice sessions for your child and make sure he or she will get it to avoid future hassles and dangers when the unfortunate flat tire event occurs.

5. He can troubleshoot an engine

A car’s heart will be its engine. The body won’t run without the heart so ensure that the driver of the car will know how to trouble shoot the engine bay parts. Orient your teen about the engine bay’s parts and that he or she knows how to troubleshoot and execute the corresponding fixes. The basic things you need your teens to know are the parts like radiator, power steering, oil, and brake fluid chambers, wiper water chamber, all fan belts, air compressor and others. Ensure too that he or she knows which stocks to bring to remedy the possible issues.

6. License

This is a very important factor for your teen to consider as taking this fore granted may lead to possible imprisonment! Ensure that your teens have passed and already has a least a student permit if he is at age 16. When he or she reaches the age of 17, he or she may opt to get the non pro license, and finally, at 18 he or she may apply for the coveted professional driver’s license. Never ever forget too to remind your teen to take note of the expiration dates of the licenses and teach them how to renew them to avoid penalties or imprisonment!


Teach your teens this acronym as this may serve as a simple and handy checklist to ensure maximum safety for the car and for the driver as well. BLOWFATCH stands for Battery, Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Fuel, Fluids, Accessories, Tires, Tools, Cleanliness, and finally, Horn. Orient your teen one by one on these elements to make him ready and safe on the road!

8. He has money to maintain the car

teen-driving-150x150-1 To further enhance your teen’s sense of responsibility, ensure that he or she is willing to set aside part of his allowance for gas money and other expenses. He or she knows where to go for those gas stations and knows how the process of getting the gas tank juiced up with fuel. Ensure too that he or she knows the right type of gas to fill up which depends on the vehicle. Having a car is like having a child that you need to constantly pay attention to and spend for to make it run smoothly all the time. Teach your teens at an early age how to save money for him or her to become a responsible car owner and for other useful purposes as he or she grows up.

9. Knows how to follow traffic signs

Being a good driver means that you know traffic signs and you follow them. Your teen should at all costs know the different traffic signs like the basic traffic lights and No Parking signs and the like. Disregarding them will lead to all sorts of penalties and hassles from policemen, and worst is that accidents may happen if the traffic signs and rules are not followed so make them a priority too for your teens!

10. He knows his way around the metro

Lastly, it will be extremely helpful that your teen will know his way around the areas where he or she plans to drive. Make sure your teens know the roads and that they become familiar with them eventually. Do not forget to point out to them several gas station locations too as they may prove helpful when the times comes like for filling up gas.

So there! If all 10 conditions can be met, then your teen is more or less ready to hold the wheel and drive! Do remind them too that driving should be considered a privilege and not a right, so they should be thankful and always follow all the safety to become responsible drivers.

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