Who Will Be The Next Bachelor?

Call me a sappy romantic if you like, but I admit to watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette each season, and I’ve been very anxious to see who will be the next bachelor. I was so disappointed at the end of The Bachelorette when DeAnna Pappas sent Jeremy Anderson home brokenhearted, and ultimately chose Jesse Csincsak (a pro snowboarder) over Jason Mesnick. Personally, I think DeAnna lost her mind somewhere along the way, and she definitely seemed to flip-flop throughout the show in terms of what she was looking for in a relationship. Who do you think should be the next Bachelor?

jt-torregiani-thumbnailRumors are flying around the internet that one possibility might be Paula Abdul’s ex-boyfriend. 33-year-old J.T. Torregiani, who owns New York City nightclub Butter, and is a partner in a restaurant investors group called the Dolci Group is rumored to be in consideration for The Bachelor. J.T. who? That was my question when I first read that Torregiani was asked to be on The Bachelor after he and Abdul recently broke up.

Apparently, J.T. is now considering being on the show because “he wants to settle down, have kids, have a family”. Um, JT? Most of the previous contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that fell in love and got engaged broke up faster than a speeding bullet, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high, but I still wish you luck in finding your soul-mate.

I’m still somewhat undecided as to whether I want Jason Mesnick or Jeremy Anderson as the new Bachelor, but as far as ratings for who should be the next Bachelor, I’m more inclined to think that having Jason back on the show would bring better ratings than quiet-shy Jeremy. Of course, Jeremy was dealing with the emotional pain of losing his mother, so I didn’t hold it against Jeremy that he appeared to be so shy and quiet.

jeremy-anderson-on-the-bachelorette-thumbnailJeremy Anderson, the 30-year-old real estate attorney from Dallas Texas, a favorite amongst many of the ladies who watched the show may be the next Bachelor, according to Access Hollywood. Jeremy has admitted he is dating someone, saying in a conference call with AH, “I have started seeing someone. It was tough in the beginning and it was tough to get back out there because you can’t really date while the show is going on. Once the show was over I could kind of explore…the dating world in real life is so much different. It’s a different universe to dating on television”. We’ll just have to wait and see whether Jeremy makes it back onto The Bachelor, but his chances of finding true love is probably better if he dates privately and off-camera. (Interview with Jeremy Anderson)

I’m thinking that Jason Mesnick is probably the one man most viewers would like to see as the next Bachelor, and I really hope if he is the man chosen, that he will accept the invitation to return to the show. I liked how genuine and sincere he was on the show, and when DeAnna broke his heart and chose Jesse, I felt so bad for Jason.

jason-mesnick-thumbnailMesnick gives his thoughts on dating DeAnna in a Q&A and says the marriage proposal scene where he was down on one knee was not shown in its entirety, but that Jason was down a lot longer than viewers were aware of. I also have a lot of respect for how Jason behaved as a single father, and how he wisely kept his relationship with DeAnna private and away from his young son, except for the one time they met during the show. Jason really appears to be a class act and down-to-earth kind of guy, and I hope he finds the love of his life even if it’s not shown on national television.

Tell me, who do you want to be the next bachelor? UPDATE: Jason Mesnick is the New Bachelor!

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